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Tapu Title Transactions

Tapu Title Transactions

What is a Land Registry - It is a document that owns land, villas, residences, apartments, shops, etc. in Turkey, and contains real estate and personal information.

General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre (TKGM) is responsible for the land registry archive.

There are land registry offices in every city (TKGM) of Turkey.

Types of Land Registry in Turkey

Blue title deed: It is given for agricultural uses that do not comply with the Turkish urbanization plan.

Red Deed: It is given for commercial, residence, flat, land, shops. The form on the title deed contains the approval information of which category.

Floor servitude: It is defined as the property right for the construction on the land.

Condominium Ownership: It means the transition from Floor servitude to Floor ownership after the construction is completely finished. This is done by the contractors in the conversion process.

Dask: The dask that covers the material damages directly caused by the earthquake and the tsunami, landslide, fire and disasters brought by the earthquake in cash.

(It is used for electricity and water subscription.)

Title deed transactions in Turkey.

After signing a contract with Vikingen Emlak, the process is started.

Buyer's passport

Tax number

one photo

Seller's identity document

Title deed


Real estate declaration document (given from the municipality that there is no debt)


The translator is always in the title deed.

Dap certificate (from exchange bank)

The buyer and the seller can give a power of attorney from the notary public, and with these documents, the deed transaction takes place.

Application is made with. The deed process takes place within a week.

Vikingen Estate does all of these processes for you, our customers.