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Red Tower of Alanya

Red Tower of Alanya

Alanya fortress is definitely the most popular and visited attraction of the resort town. Despite the fact that only ruins and a rich history remain from the medieval fortifications of the fortress, visiting tourists and locals love this place very much. From here you can enjoy the most beautiful views of the city panorama, the Mediterranean Sea, the famous Cleopatra Beach and the massive Tauride Mountains.

Alanya fortress is located on a rocky peninsula 250 meters high. The place for the fortress was not chosen by chance. From three sides it is naturally protected by the Mediterranean Sea. And the slopes of the mountain themselves are so steep and impregnable that a defensive structure literally asks here, inside which the inhabitants could feel safe. And so it happened. The first fortifications here were built in pre-Byzantine and pre-Roman times.

The current fortress was built in the XIII century, at a time when these territories were owned by the Seljuks. However, very soon this area passed into the hands of the Ottoman Empire. The whole history of these places for many centuries looks like constant seizures and a change of power - there was just no one here! And this is not surprising - the climate, sea routes and many other factors made this place strategically important for many rulers.

In addition to the inner fortress, the military structures of the peninsula include the Bastion (Ehmedek) at the top, the Red Tower (Red Tower) at the foot of the mountain and the Shipyard (Tersane).

  It is impossible to miss the Red Tower - it is a symbol of the city, and is in all guidebooks. This is an incredibly intricate octagonal structure with complex internal passages, loophole windows and a large courtyard. The tower was built by a master of his craft - the architect Khalepli Ebu Ali. Its construction was completed in 1226.

Alanya Mountain is literally strewn with interesting objects from different eras. The skeletons of the most ancient temples coexist here with the villas of the Ottoman rich of the 19th century. Houses, like clusters of swallow nests, literally hang on the mountain. Closer to the top you can find an old mint, a Byzantine church, mosques, baths and shopping arcades. Few people know that the Alanya mountain also sheltered several monasteries for a long time. One of them is inaccessible even to the inhabitants of the mountain - it was built on the crest of a small ridge and only the monks knew the way there. Whatever corner of the mountain takes you, incredible fantastic photos are obtained here. Along the entire road up and near the entrance to the fortress there are many restaurants. And the most fantastic views from here at sunset! That is why, when planning a trip to Alanya, be sure to save some money to visit a local attraction!